Online Science Tuition

Let us know what level you're at and which subjects you are particularly struggling with. We'll then arrange a time and date for the first online tutoring session. The sessions are entirely at your pace and will usually include some past paper practice. Applying your understanding to actual exam questions is vital exam preparation.

How long is each session and how much are they?

Our sessions are normally 60 minutes (£40) or 45 minutes (£30).

What is your teaching style?

We tend to ask a lot of questions. Our goal is not just for you to pass your exams, but also to develop your scientific mind, capable of analysing any data you might come across. We think it's important that you understand the topics we cover rather than just learn the facts by rote. Our style is also a highly visual, using lots of diagrams. We won't talk at you for long stretches of the session.

How does each session start?

Each session usually starts with a very quick re-cap of the previous session, before we tackle the topic for that day and we like to finish with some past exam questions, where possible.

Do you set homework?

Generally no, but sometimes we may ask you to finish a few exam questions that we've been doing. However, we strongly recommend that you spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the content of each lesson within 24 hours of the lesson. The evidence strongly suggests that this will increase your ability to remember. 

Do you ever teach in person?

Not any more. We have found that teaching online works really well, despite our initial doubts. We usually use Zoom for all online tutorials. You don't need to have downloaded Zoom before the lesson, just click the link you're sent. This will be fine, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Do you do my GCSE specification?

Yes, we do all science syllabuses and specifications for Biology & Chemistry. We also teach maths to A-level.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. For each extra person you pay £6 more, but with a maximum of 4 students. This is a really cost-effective way of being tutored.


When and how do I pay?

Please pay via bank transfer before the tuition. You will receive an invoice with the relevant bank details.

Where should I be for the call?

We prefer you to be inside in a fairly central part of your house, but not somewhere that's too noisy. We don't recommend being outside and prefer you not to be in your bedroom. 

Contact us now to see if we can help.